2020 REVIEW                    You remind me of the cricket in my friend Ray's poem; Cricket. In the bush outside my window, you say the same thing over and over, with equal enthusiasm. Whatever it is, I know it's the truth. no one could go on, so relentlessly if it wasn't. What the truth is doesn't matter, finally, because of your persistence. I could hear you saying "cricket, cricket" and translate it to "I am-I am". And just as easily I could hear the chirping: "Fuck it-fuck it" and be equally moved ....  Whatever you are saying, must be the truth! Nice to see the crap detector format back in action ...

If Only you Had Been Paying Attention is the latest CD from Jim Jacobi and the Crap Detectors. I met Jim in 1977. We were both in our first year of a MFA program in Painting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I soon learned that Jim was interested in music, as well as painting. I drove around town with Jim selling copies of Victims of the Media for 5 bucks and a couple of beers... I later played second tambourine on the 45 Police State/ Set program, and have advanced to Trumpet/Trombone on this latest CD. Long time fans will not be disappointed by this latest offering. Typical of Jacobi is a rich orchestration of sounds, contrast of tempo and mood, unrelenting scrutiny of pop culture, and of course plenty of fast/play it loud rock and roll! After 40 years of being a friend, fan, and occasional collaborator; all I can say is that if they "had" been paying attention, you wouldn't be you and I wouldn't be me. 

Part 2 is the follow up CD to the 40 Year Anniversary release of If Only You Had Been Paying Attention. If you thought Jacobi was done recording, think again! He still has energy and a lot to say. Part 2 finds Jim Jacobi at his Psyco-Electric best. Jim loves sound. He had been recording synthesized sound as long as he been recording rock and roll. This CD has both; Obit #5 takes me back to Wednesday nights at the Zoo Bar, small, enthusiastic crowds and lots of beer, Nothing Is More Final Than Extinction moves us back to the present. Jacobi's lyrics are always timely, pop this disc in your car's cd player and enjoy the ride... 

the modern-day composer will not die! 

the present day composer refuses to die

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