From the recordings narcissist parade and it got too deep

This is the 1st song from 2018 release  "Part 2". It was originally a satire of the "faceless book" contributors, but started having the feeling of a certain political figure. It is a good way to wake up and start your day.


PARADE                I want to be part of the Narcissist parade I will tell you how great I am and you’ll be saved I will post my pictures on line for you to look at my awesomeness on the faceless   book   I will show you how many non friend  friends so you can tell everyone this is not end.    This year is a good year the pharmaceutical companies did release a new bugs to spread a new virus so they could sell more medicines not like some real thugs . . I will be there for you in the arcade that is part of the narcissist parade.      I will tell you I’m a genius and you’ll believe even though its just an attack but you’ll be deceived