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https://www.youtube.com/user/jakimbi                     you tube link

jim Jacobi Crap Detectors Jojakimbi Band - guitars/vocals drums/bass/keyboards with guests

All the incarnations of Jacobi’s bands were guitar oriented bands. Though the first Lincoln, NE bands were experimental, the Texas Crap Detectors began taking on a new sound with extended guitar solos accompanying the music which could be rock-a-billy-punk-ska-jazz. In Seattle, some UW students wrote a poem and gave it to Jacobi at what is now a parking lot--LAKE UNION PUB. They described the music as CHUNK-A RUNKUS.  It was on the back of a Radio Shack receipt and said “The punk rock guitar metal feels like nothing but the flavors of bone-rage and shimmy/ These Hoosiers take a flip lolly and land it on it’s chunk-a-runkus. That would be it’s chunk-a -runkus. It is guitar-nastics.Check out the Nightcourt across the room (suspenders).This music brings me to my knees. He’s got fingers like licorice whips.”                       

Jim Jacobi began the Crap Detectors in 1977 by recording all tracks (except drums played by Herb Hill) for a basement recording called Victims of the Media. This was followed by a 45 released in 1979 called Police State. The first live band was formed in 1980 which lead to over 12 bands until 1998. The music has been described as similar to early 60’s punk -Velvet Underground/MC5/Stooges- rather than similar to Sex Pistols/Ramones.   The Crap Detectors is an ongoing project by Jim Jacobi and is still active.