Painting and music

I have a BFA and an MFA in painting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. You can view some of my paintings in a post on this site and can tell that I have an expressionistic style using color and stroke. As of recently, I tend to do more portraiture work in both oil paints and watercolor paints but also do cityscapes, architectural subject and some non-representative works as well as paintings that fall into the class of bizarre. I have shown paintings in all the cities I have done music in as well as many more and in New York City's Madison Square Garden in 1981. This is similar to music in that I don't do one style of music but many that cross over on many occasions.  Some songs are punk-ish, while some rockabilly-ish. I have experimented with jazz and electronic pieces as well as songs or pieces that fall into  bizarre noise dissonance.   When punk became a formula sound, I was called psychobilly which had the elements of both rockabilly and punk. So like my music, painting many different types and styles merge together sometimes to form.....????? Due to the nature of the recording process, the music can be called garage and some of the music could be called compositions. I 've taken electronic music courses in college as well as music composition at a graduate level. I've recorded a piece for a dance recital as well.  I've never recorded with computers or used auto tune.     Still to this day get strange enuendos on F.B. that sort of says that music that is loud fast and has fast solos is bad music. Some of what I do fits that discription.

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