2000 to 2017

After returning to Lincoln,NE after a 15 year absence, I found old friend, Dave Robel and ex-Crap Detector bassist, Craig Kingery and started the Joe Jakimbi Band. (A kind of anagram given to me by Charlie Burton in the 80's). Recorded and released 3 CDs and released a compilation CD as well.  There were ups and downs in Lincoln. Some reporter for a local college news paper claimed my life was a lie and I never did the things I claimed on my bio. Then, an older local newspaper writer who was around in the 70s/80's printed an article praising me for all my accomplishments.     Sheeeesh...  Most of the material for Joe Jakimbi band were personal songs.  The music was less punk and more r&b billy. After luckily running into an old friend from the 80s (Carole) -she asked if I would like to move to Omaha, Nebraska to be with her. I said yes and the Joe Jakimbi band or Jojakimbi band ended in the winter of 2003. OMAHA. 2004/2005 and 2006 was a period of time learning to record with digital recorders and released 3 solo CDs.   2008 I recorded the 30-year anniversary of the release of "Victims of the Media" called "It Got Too Deep!". This CD had liner notes written by Jello Biafra and I once again started calling projects Crap Detectors. I continued the creation of CDs but was finding out that I was living in a world unlike any I lived in before. Scanning through the facebook pages, I would continue to see people writing that "punk rock" never existed. Even though I was morphing into something else I still found those kind of statements crazy. Even now, those kind of statements exist, an old friend from Lincoln said to me about Omaha still resonate. "How can you stand living in a place full of condescending, pretentious people?" I looked around for any members of other bands to join me to play some Texas Crap Detector  music for a few gigs a year and it would hopefully not take anyone away from their creative identities.  I found a drummer and guitarist that switched to bass (big mistake) and started doing a few gigs. I was calling the band Crap Detectors since  we were doing the Texas Detector music mixed in with some newer material, the Texas detector music was loud and had fast solos..(Something that was put down on facebook by complacent folky types). We did a benefit at a pizza place known for supporting the arts and after three songs were told to quit (never happened before). The person at the pizza joint told the bassist that since we were older we should be ashamed of ourselves for playing "that" kind of music" .. SHHEEEEEESH!  A bright spot in all this was Mojo PO.  He had a spot in a warehouse in Benson that gave me the freedom to show paintings and have my band play there.. He would sit in on harmonica often, R.I.P.  Mojo.    After 3 years, the drummer reminded me that 3 years is what I asked of them and it started to wind down as the bass player was getting drunk out of his skull and becoming a total embarrassment by disrespecting the band and its history and being an obnoxious ass.. This was a person who like a certain politician would attack people on the internet if confronted by anything that might be true about them. With some exceptions I have been kind of a hermit from 2013 to 2017...I continued recording since 2013 with 5+CD releases and a new CD coming up. The 40th anniversary of the release of "Victims of the Media" and the 40th release.

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