The 1990s

Even though these blogs are mere snippets of the actual occurrences, I hope they will give a tiny overview of events in the saga. We moved to Seattle in August of 1989 and started searching for housing and work. Eventually after finding a job at an art supply store we talked to a guitar player there to switch to bass--Bad idea, Since Mindy and I were Midwest transplants we found a bassist from Iowa that had moved to Seattle.  At first, the Seattle area had a few venues to play at and I could put posters on telephone poles with other posters with bands called Soundgarden, Nirvana, etc. It soon became illegal to put posters on telephone poles.  By the time we put out our 1st CD, Seattle had become a musical mecca due to the explosion of Grunge  because of  Nirvana's national fame. A good and bad thing for the Crap Detectors.  Punk was now becoming a formula sound and what I was writing didn't fit in with it. We would find shelter at Lake Union Pub. Lake Union Pub was the successor to Squid Row which was a dirty smoky punk place and was not a grunge haven for the "cool and hip". We acquired the title "Chunk-a-runkus"  on a group poem on the back of a Radio Shack receipt. We had some supporters there even though some didn't think we were punk until they were told we were doing punk while they were in diapers.  We got to do a lot of gigs in Seattle and recorded a cassette and 3 CDs there. A band story is when I was helping Andrea wiith her bass amp in the Lake Union pub parking lot, we over heard another bands conversation. It was "I've ben doing this for three years and if we don't get a record contract soon I'm quitting."  We were working on our twenty year anniversary CD at the time,   Unfortunately the unionization of my job and the subsequent attack of the people who wanted the union became a source of depression.  Then in 1998 Mindy decided that the rock life was no longer something she wanted. I  moved back to Nebraska in the year 1999.

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