The 1980s

In 1980, the Crap Detectors became a live band. It was a trio with a guest sax/flute player and the LP "Superficial World" was recorded and released. It was paid for, by what I started to suspect after more releases, an individual who would use the records for an illegal method of shipping illegal things. But don't know for sure..This project as well as the first 2 projects were all done in Lincoln ,Nebraska. It was followed up by a 45 in 1981 and a 7 inch E.P.. in 1982. A new drummer recorded on the E.P. but chickened out to play any live shows. By now, the name Crap Detectors was  known as a conceptual punk band but definitely not pop. Reviews were coming in nationally and I received a letter in 1980 from Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedys and we continued a pen pal relationship for many decades.   A new drummer was acquired and the band continued as a trio with the release of the LP, "Diseases on Display" in 1984. I was beginning to suspect that Lincoln, Nebraska might not be the place to cultivate what I envisioned for Crap Detectors when the newest drummer quit. Even though I am not mentioning too many band members, Melinda (Mindy) Barret joined the band on drums and they released "Cut the Crap" in 1985,  Before the Clash released a record with the same name. In late 1985, Mindy and I moved to the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex and soon found a bassist and started playing gigs. I got a job at the famous  club --the Starck club-- which had a lot of famous people attend and music shows.  One investor was Stevie Nicks. I was a bartender-cook-security-ran spotlights for many famous bands/individuals. This helped in getting shows in the metro area. We were basically a live band working on new material. It was then I did a cartoon video with Brad Pribyl that attained national notoriety called 'Crimes against humanity". You can find it on my You Tube channel. I was told by one art gallery that the area was drying up for artists and since painting was as important to me as music we decided to move to Seattle, Wa. in 1989.








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