I've been playing music (guitar) since the mid 1960s in different cover bands with the thought of one day doing my own recordings and making records.  In the early to mid seventies I started recording between 2 cassette machines using a Dolby box to reduce noise. I would play all instruments and do all vocals I started to get interested in electronic music and got a moog sonic six synthesizer.  That was the beginning of my musical/artistic journey. After my final cover band I began my recording projects but in 1977 I acquired a Teac 4 channel recorder in which I could record on 3 tracks and mix them to one track and record on the free tracks. From here I began recording my 1st LP with the help of Herb Hill on Drums which was supposed to be a cross between garage rock with electronicish music. The outcome was an LP released in 1978 called "Victims of the Media". The bands name  (even though it was only a recording band) was called Crap Detectors. After the L.P.s release I got information from a local musician, who had written for "Rolling Stone Magazine". on who to send the LP off for review and how to distribute it..All the info was helpful making the D.I.Y.. release known to the nation and available to buy. The LPs covers were large zeroxes done at a place where architects needed to zerox large building plans, The covers were pasted on. I'm not sure but this one of the 1st D.I.Y. projects.       The following year I recorded and released the 45 "Police State/Set Program". This time I recorded the guitars/bass/keyboards onto the Teac and played it back in a recording studio with Herb Hill doing drums in the studio and I did vocals..Brad Krieger did tambourine work on the "Set program track.The 45 had zeroxed covers,  But soon things would change/

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