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JIM   JACOBI  CRAP DETECTORS    1978 TO NOW.  Jim is a veteran with BFA and MFA degrees in art. He has over 577 songs that are published and recorded and will release his 44th release in 2020. IRREPRESSIBLE!     I have played "live"  music for well over 30 years but now choose to record.  Since i don't walk on stage with a canvas and paint for 2-3 hours I don't think there is any difference with live and recording music.

Jim! Your music is an archive of the times we live in. The Smithsonian should archive all of your work for posterity.               Bob Jordan 2021

"Another genius release from the original "King Of Psychobilly" Mr. Jim Jacobi.".. Ginger Coyote-Punk Globe magazine   2011

Jim 1984


2020- more new projects. More new paintings.Have reached 44 releases with 577 songs released as well.Please go to RADIO AIRPLAY TO LISTEN TO A VARIETY OF SONGS.ALSO Spotify.