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Garage rock is a form of music like Blues and Jazz


Garage rock is a raw form of rock and roll that was first popular in the United States and Canada from about 1963 to 1967. During the 1960s, it was not recognized as a separate music genre and had no specific name. In the 1970s, some critics referred to the style as punk rock, the first form of music to bear this description; although it is sometimes called garage punk,protopunk, or 1960s punk, the style has predominantly been referred to as garage rock.

n the 1980s, another garage rock revival saw a number of bands linked to the underground music scene earnestly trying to replicate the sound, style, and look of the 1960s garage bands.

Painting and music


I have a BFA and an MFA in painting from the University of Nebraska. You can view some of my paintings in a post on this site and can tell that I have an expressionistic style using color and stroke. As of recently I tend to do more portraiture work in both oil paints and watercolor paints but also do cityscapes, architectural subject and some non representative works. This is similar to music in that I don't do one style of music but many that cross over on occasion.  Some songs are punkish while some rock a billyish. I have experimented with Jazz and electronic music.

2000 to 2017


After returning to Lincoln,NE after a 15 year absence, I found old friend, Dave Robel and ex-Crap Detector bassist, Craig Kingery and started the Joe Jakimbi Band. (A kind of anagram given to me by Charlie Burton in the 80's). Recorded and released 3 CDs and released a compilation CD as well.  There were ups and downs in Lincoln. Some reporter for a local college news paper claimed my life was a lie and I never did the things I claimed on my bio. Then, an older local newspaper writer who was around in the 70s/80's printed an article praising me for all my accomplishments.     Sheeeesh...  Most of the material for Joe Jakimbi band were personal songs.  The music was less punk and more r&b billy. After luckily running into an old friend from the 80s (Carole) -she asked if I would like to move to Omaha, Nebraska to be with her. I said yes and the Joe Jakimbi band or Jojakimbi band ended in the winter of 2003. OMAHA. 2004/2005 and 2006 was a period of time learning to record with digital recorders and released 3 solo CDs.   2008 I recorded the 30-year anniversary of the release of "Victims of the Media" called "It Got Too Deep!". This CD had liner notes written by Jello Biafra and I once again started calling projects Crap Detectors. 

The 1990s


Even though these blogs are mere snippets of the actual occurrences I hope they will give a tiny overview of events in the saga. We moved to Seattle in August of 1989 and started searching for housing and work. Eventually after finding a job at an art supply store we talked to a guitar player there to switch to bass--Bad idea, Since Mindy and I were Midwest transplants we found a bassist from Iowa the had moved to Seattle .  At first the Seattle area ha a few venues to play at and I could put posters on telephone poles with other posters with bands called Soundgarden, Nirvana, etc. By the time we put out our 1st CD Seattle had become a musical mecca due to the explosion of Grunge  because of the Nirvana national fame. A good and bad thing for the Crap Detectors.  

The 1980s


In 1980 the Crap Detectors became a live band. It was a trio with a guest sax/flute player and the LP "Superficial World" was recorded and released 










I've been playing music (guitar) since the mid 1960s in different cover bands with the thought of one day doing my own recordings and making records.  In the early to mid seventies I started recording between 2 cassette machines using a Dolby box to reduce noise. I would play all instruments and do all vocals I started to get interested in electronic music and got a moog sonic six synthesizer.  That was the beginning.

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